Wondering Where to Find the Closest Locksmith?

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If you’re suddenly locked out of your home or vehicle, you’re likely looking for the closest locksmith to you. You need a reliable, 24 hour emergency locksmith. It can be a stressful time. Not only do you find yourself locked out and totally inconvenienced, but you are also wondering how to find an honest and trustworthy 24 hour locksmith service nearby.

The trouble is, it’s tempting to just grab the first ad that appears at the top of the Google results. Not everyone realises that anyone, if they pay enough, can get listed at the top of Google. It doesn’t take any more than that. Paying more than the rest at the Google Ads auction is all a scammer has to do to appear legitimate.


closest locksmith near me


Google Maps for Closest Locksmith Near Me

If you’ve searched for something like: “Maroubra locksmith” or “best Maroubra locksmith near me” then you will be shown ads at the top followed by the Google map pack or Google My Business Listings.

The Google map pack is a better bet for finding reliable locksmiths, but you still have to be careful as, sadly, the locksmith industry has been deluged by scam enterprises pretending to be locksmiths. These scammers will usually lure the unsuspecting customer in with promises that are usually incredibly cheap (if they’re too good to be true…).

They tend to offer, often in their ads, cheapest rates from $15 – $45 fees. The trouble is, when they arrive, they suddenly find something that often increases the costs by hundreds, and you end up with a huge bill – unexpectedly.



A fully licensed locksmith will quote a more reasonable amount. Sure, it’ll be more than $15 – $40. That’s because no genuine business can offer these sorts of rates.

Check the reviews on Google. If a locksmith has more than 5 – 10 reviews, they are more likely to be genuine. Like this one below, just one of the many reviews for Key Solution Locksmiths.

Julieanne McCormack


2 reviews Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

We can’t recommend Danny and the team from Key Solutions Locksmith enough. When we had a lock issue on a long weekend, Danny was over in 20 minutes and sorted our locks for a very reasonable cost. He also offered great advice and solutions to other security issues. We were really happy with this service and found Danny incredibly profession, personable and efficient.

5 Star Review from Julian Brown

Why Can’t a Licensed Locksmith Match the Scammers?

Licensed and insured locksmiths run genuine businesses that have costs and expenses as with all businesses. A locksmith that is qualified after completing an apprenticeship and holds a license from the Master Locksmith Association and accreditation from the SCEC is a professional.

These locksmiths are required to maintain their insurance, license, their vehicles and equipment must be in top condition. They are expected to quote honestly and transparently.

Unless something comes up that wasn’t discussed on the phone, a licensed locksmith will usually try to stick to their quote. If the work goes above the quoted rate, they will give you options and tell you in advance. Often scammer locksmiths will complete the work and then insist on being paid even though it wasn’t part of the quote.Are There Really 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths?

Yes, it seems too good to be true but some locksmiths understand that you can’t always choose the time when you get locked out. In fact, often, the lockout happens at the most inconvenient time possible.


That’s why locksmiths like Key Solution Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can read in their reviews that they have been called out at all hours of the day or night, even on public holidays and in heat waves!

Benefits of Hiring the Closest Locksmith Company

If you find that a locksmith near you is licensed, insured and offers reasonable rates when quoting over the phone, you may find that going with the closest locksmith saves on call out time.

Locksmiths must travel from their business location to wherever you are locked out. This can take time and cost money if they are a long way from you. Hiring the services of a nearby locksmith means these costs are reduced.

Key Solution Locksmiths offer a mobile locksmith service from their well-equipped van. To find out more about Key Solution Locksmiths services, click here.



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