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Contact us today to discuss our extensive selection of electronic code locks and swipe/tag access systems.  With over 25 years’ experience in the industry and extensive knowledge in installing and maintaining electronic access systems, KEY SOLUTION LOCKSMITHS can provide the ideal system for you!

We will come out to meet you to discuss your requirements and can then provide you with a quote for the best options to suit your needs. We will then supply, install, train you and continue to maintain / service this access system.

Whether you need just one or numerous locks rekeyed, locking hardware replaced/repaired or maybe you would like to change or increase your overall security – call us today to discuss your residential locksmith Sydney needs. No matter where you are in Sydney, we are available to provide a service that is guaranteed to please.

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Locksmith Who Can Program Keys

An experienced locksmith can program car keys (smart keys and fobs) as well as electronic access security systems and entries. Key Solution Locksmiths are experts at all types of key and electronic fob programming.

Can a Locksmith Help With Electronic Access Control and Security Systems?

Electronic access control (EAC) allows you to restrict entry to your property through an electronic door lock, reader or electronic controller.

An experienced and licensed locksmith like Key Solution Locksmiths can install most modern access control systems.

Many modern electronic access systems use a mobile app as part of the security system. This allows for tracking and monitoring when you are not physically at the premises.

A range of solutions include access control cards, electronic locks and ways to monitor access to various doors and sections of your property.

Hotels, landlords, commercial property owners and offices with multiple employees can benefit greatly from the flexibility and security of a good electronic access system.

Why You Need an EAC

Benefits of Electronic Access Control

An access control system provides a range of security features that make it the best solution for many properties where multiple people come and go.

Lock Doors: an access control system is both useful and secure for locking doors and entry ways.

Change Access: it’s very easy to completely change the access codes when an employee or guest leaves the premises. This is much more cost effective and efficient than having to get physical keys cut every time you make changes.

Timed Access: you can choose to allow access to certain users at various times. This gives you further control over out of hours access.

Security Audits: Electronic access control can keep a record of who enters and exits and at what time. This can be very useful if the worst should occur.

Fully Scalable: as you grow, so can your system. It’s easy to add more EAC’s to new parts of your office, school, hospital or commercial premises.


You need an electronic access control system if you have the following needs:

  • knowledge of entry and exit of people
  • control of access based on time and day
  • ability to quickly and easily remove access and add further keys or codes to and from your system.

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