Keyless Entry & Modern Transponders for Cars

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Modern Transponder and Smart Keys

Having trouble with your car transponder or smart keyless entry? Find out how to deal with this annoying situation:

A car key is used to open a vehicle. These days metal keys are often symmetrical with grooves on both sides of the key. However, it is increasingly common for smart, programmable keys to be used and a totally “keyless entry”. This requires an expert at programming a smart key for your particular vehicle.

Modern cars mostly use “keyless entry systems” and these rely on a door mounted keypad or remote control instead of a standard car key. Some of these are hands free.

Automobile keys are important because they not only open the doors of the car but they also:

– Turn on the ignition

– Open the glove compartment

– Open the boot

A valet key opens the driver’s door and turns the ignition switch but doesn’t allow access to other areas such as the glove box or trunk/boot.

Some cars, such as the Mercedes Benz, use a key that uses an encoded infrared beam. This checks that the codes match between car and beam and then the car is started via the vehicle’s computer. These are the most expensive keys to replace but they are promoted as the most secure and theft resistant keys available. This type of key can also be referred to as a “smart key”. These types of keys can remain in the owner’s pocket without needing to be taken out at all. Although the method of locking can vary across cars, some require touching a capacative door handle while others only need the person to walk away from the vehicle.

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Flip Keys or Switchblade Keys

Flip keys or switchblade keys close the metal key part into a plastic frame giving the key a smart, compact look. Most of these keys have buttons that can be clicked to lock and unlock the automobile’s doors.

Transponder car keys are also called automotive ignition keys and they emit a signal when it is turned in the ignition. Chip or transponder keys are hard to copy and this type of ignition can’t be used to force the car to start. This means they provide an added layer of security.

Not all auto locksmiths are capable and equipped for these types of keys. Check with them when you call that they have the tools and ability to program your keyless entry system.

Different Names That Automobile Manufacturers Use for Keyless Entry

• Acura: Keyless Access System

• Audi: Advanced Key

• Aston Martin: Keyless Entry and Push Button Start

• BMW: Comfort Access or Display Key

• Bugatti: Keyless Entry Remote

• Cadillac: Adaptive Remote Start & Keyless Access

• FIAT-Chrysler: Keyless Enter-N-Go

• Ford: Intelligent Access with push-button start

• General Motors: Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)

• Honda: Smart Entry System

• Hyundai: Proximity Key and smart entry key

• Infiniti: Infiniti Intelligent Key with Push-button Ignition

• Isuzu: Genius Entry

• Jaguar Cars: Smart Key System

• Jeep: Keyless Enter-N-Go

• Kia Motors: Smart Key System

• Lexus: Smart Access System

• Lincoln: Intelligent Access System

• Mazda: Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System

• Mercedes-Benz: Keyless Go integrated into SmartKeys

• Mini: Comfort Access

• Mitsubishi Motors: FAST Key System

• Nissan: Nissan Intelligent Key

• Porsche: Porsche Entry & Drive System

• Proton: Passive Keyless Entry

• Renault: Hands Free Keycard

• Riverside Manufacturing LLC: Intelli-Fob

• SsangYong Motor: Smart Key System

• Subaru: Keyless Smart Entry With Push-Button Start or Keyless Access with Push-Button Start

• Suzuki: SmartPass Keyless entry & starting system

• Tesla: Model S Key

• Toyota: Smart Key System

• Volkswagen: Keyless Entry & Keyless Start or KESSY

• Volvo: Personal Car Communicator “PCC” and Keyless Drive or Keyless Drive

• Mahindra & Mahindra: Smart Key Module


Key Solution Locksmiths takes care of all these types of car lockouts and their keyless entry systems.

We offer a car lockout service for anyone in the Eastern Suburbs or Sydney CBD region. Car lockout happens to anyone and is easily fixed with a professional who is fully experienced and licensed to work on keyless entry and automotive lockouts.


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