Guide to Master Key Systems and Commercial Key Management

how master key systems work

Master key systems offer the best solution for properties that must give multiple people access at different times.

Keys grant us access with installations, complete buildings, gear, machines, vehicles and safe areas. Proper key management is essential to ensuring commercial security and helps smooth company procedures. Learn how to protect the security of business building premises by providing multiple levels of access. This article explains how key management operations and key management processes work together to reach these goals.

Picture this; you’ve spent a large part of your life setting up your business. It is your pride and joy and the embodiment of your hopes and dreams.
One night, a group of thieves decides that your business is their next target. They storm the place in the night, crack the locks, and enter. Once inside, they pick and choose what they want to take, ransacking the area in the process.

skeleton key

The following day you come to see that everything is in shambles. Your loss is too high to even comprehend right now, and the only question on your mind is how this happened. It happened because you didn’t take the extra steps to ensure that your business was protected.

With so many keys in rotation, it doesn’t take much effort to twist and turn your picks to crack the lock and get inside.

What is the solution for this? For starters, change your locks, and then switch to a master key system.

What Are Master Key Systems?

Master key systems are an important tool to allow you to limit the number of keys in circulation. You can plan out which keys can open which locks. Different sets of keys can access different sets of locations – making it incredibly difficult for just anyone to walk into any department they see fit.
Using a master key system, an office or educational institution can limit access to certain areas. For example, you wouldn’t want students to access the room where the exam papers are stored – only the concerned people have access to this.

As a new hire in an office, you might have access to the general vicinity of the office, but you wouldn’t have it for the CEO or CFO office. These are places where a new employee has no business being unless it is necessary.

how a master key system works

Benefits of a Master Key System

Converting your security lock system into a master key one is very important for protection of your assets. The system will only give access to authorized personnel. Privacy level goes up and theft is kept at bay. To get a better understanding of the benefits below are detailed reasons.

Security in Your Commercial Premises

Security is the most crucial benefit. By having fewer people in control, there is a much more disciplined idea of who accesses what area. Doing this helps to reduce the risk of workplace theft and unauthorised use of the building.

The more people who have access to a place, the higher the risk of something going wrong. You might be okay with losing a shirt at home, but things might not be as easy to forget when something important at work goes missing.

In cases like this, you need to keep everything important under the right lock-and-key system to protect it.

Ease of Use for Master Key Systems

The master key system is convenient as you can use a single key to access different locations. Gone are the days when one had to carry a big bunch of keys to go into different rooms. A huge bunch of keys can be annoying from the heaviness to the noise it creates. Now a single key can give you access to almost all rooms in a building thanks to the master key system.

Enhanced Efficiency

People roaming around the building will have unrestricted access to the premises and areas they need to be in. With a grand master key system, the key is usually in just a few people’s hands. Using master key systems provides the security you need to avoid unwanted entries to your property.

You would not need to bother someone all the time to get access to a particular area. This will allow people to work in peace-promoting a favorable workplace atmosphere. Give the right people access at the right time to the right place.

Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You!

With the master key system in place a business owner can control the number of people who have the key since it is difficult to duplicate it. Some employers go to the extent of having a registered design. Therefore it can be difficult for a different locksmith to make or duplicate the same key. Since you know the number of people with keys, tracking any theft or intrusion is easy. You decide whether you want to retain all control or entrust it to a few people. If someone wants to get the key duplicated, they won’t be able to do so without the master key – something you retain in your possession.

You can control the entry point of your business or home since it can be controlled through technology.

keso master key security

Smart, scalable, single key solutions for every environment

When you use a master key system, you know that not everyone has access to every building area.

If something goes wrong in one of these areas, you can immediately identify the names of people who might have something to do with it. So, for example, if the bank manager and head of security are the only two people who have access to the safe and something goes wrong – you know where to go and who to talk to. The same can be said for a school, apartment complex, or hospital – all are different places where you can use a master key system.

Are Master Lock Systems Safe?

The traditional locks are now some of the most effortless locks to break. So you don’t need too much practice to break into someplace with these kinds of locks.
However, with a master key system, you are using a better and more secure locking system. This ensures that your property is protected at all times. Another feature of the system is that cameras or CCTV can be fitted at the door to know, by face, who tried to break in and at what time.

Conclusion: Greater Security When Locks Are Master Keyed

There’s no guarantee that using a master key system will protect your property in its entirety. There is always going to be a risk involved. However, using a master key system means you are using a safer and much more secure technology to break through. Traditional lock systems where multiple people need to have access, are gradually being replaced by master key systems. In the future, all areas may become keyless like in many modern buildings. These keyless entry systems often use an app or other digital method of entry. They may also use programmable cards for entry like you find in many modern hotels.

master key

Advantages of Key Management Systems

Going keyless is the best thing ever. However, while you might not lose your keys, you may forget your passcode and still need a registered locksmith. In any situation where you are having a master key system installed into a commercial premises, make sure to call a fully licensed, insured and trade qualified locksmith who is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia.

If you’re not sure, read some online reviews, call a few different services for a quote. Talking to your local, licensed locksmith like Key Solution Locksmith willl provide you with advice for the best security and locking system to suit your individual needs.


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