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– Electric Locking ā€“ Strikes, Magnets, Drop Bolts, etc

We are all living in an era where technology is constantly evolving. There are so many different types of digital keypads and electronic access systems available on the market. All these locks have different options, security levels, advantages, and disadvantages.

A consumer without experience, dealing with the many varieties of locks and options, can find this very daunting and confusing. It’s not easy knowing which option is the most cost effective and provides the best security and ease of use for your personal situation. Key Solution Locksmiths will find the best solution for your electronic access and security needs so you don’t have to worry about all the nitty gritty details.

Our 12 month warranty on parts and labour means you can rest assured that our work will be of the highest standard and quality. We take your security very seriously and will find the best solution for your budget and needs.

Mechanical Digital Keypads and Locks

These locks have been around for over 20 years, the most common would be the Lockwood Digital lock (as pictured). Iā€™m sure most of you have seen one of these, or a variant of this style of lock. These locks are limited in their capabilities and can only accept 1 code. Predominantly these locks require a non-sequential code. This means, if the code is 1935, this can be entered as 9153, 5391, etc. As a result, these locks are not a very secure option and can be easily manipulated with the right know-how.

digital keypads and locks

Changing the code for most of these locks usually means the lock will need to be removed from the door and dismantled. Therefore, you’ll usually need a locksmith with experience in changing digital lock codes.

These locks are best suited to a low security / low traffic application such as a shop storeroom, side gate. Different models are available for different applications e.g. Marine Grade, Disabled compliant, Heavy Duty.

More recently, they have started to produce locks that are more user friendly and the code can be changed without needing to remove or dismantle the lock. Once these modern locks are installed, users can easily change codes when required.

Let us help you find the correct solution for your mechanical digital keypads and locks.

Hardwired Standalone Electronic Locks and Security Systems

These systems are called “hardwired”. The installation of these systems is a lot more involved and more components are required. Connected to a GPO (power point) to power these units, you do not need to worry about batteries running flat, unlike the battery-operated units. electronic access

There are provisions available to install a backup battery with your power supply if you are worried about a power outage. In addition to the power supply, a keypad/controller and an electric locking mechanism is required, depending on the site requirements. These can also be installed with a remote to unlock the unit or can even be wired into your phone system.

These are a good option and offer a cost-effective system for a single-entry door to a business. This allows you to add and delete users easily. This is very useful if a staff member leaves or even loses a fob. If any of these mishaps occur, the codes can be easily and quickly deleted – without having to call a locksmith in each time to change your locks.

These systems are a lot more robust and are suited to a door with high traffic.


Cost effective compared to networked system

Simple to use and program (Key Solution Locksmiths will simplify programming with an easy to follow cheat sheet)

Suitable for high use doors


Most systems do not have any audit trail

Cannot operate remotely

Hardwired Networked Security System

A Networked system is the most versatile system that you can install. It can integrate with your alarm system or even a CCTV camera system. These are controlled via computer software or web browser, either onsite or remotely. With this type of system, you have total control. This gives you the ability to set certain days and hours to allow access. It will also record when someone has tried to access doors even if they have been denied. If set up correctly, this can all be done remotely.

Electric Locking ā€“ Strikes, Magnets, Drop Bolts, etc

There are many ways to make a door work with an access system. If you have a latching lock installed already, chances are you can add an electric strike to the frame. When the access system has granted access, this will release, allowing the door to be pushed open.

There are so many different options available. Each option depends on your individual situation. Pictured are some examples of a few locking options available currently.

Key Solution Locksmiths can provide you with the best solution. There is no need to worry as all our installations come with a full 12 month Warranty on parts and labour. We are only a phone call away on: 02 9344 9628 and we’re available any time of the day or night! 24/7 šŸ˜‰


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