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We are comparing 4 of the top smart locks available. They are the:

Smart door locks do a lot more than just lock a door or entry way. They also allow you to track entry and exit, record times and dates or entry and exit and can use wifi, voice apps and voice assistants. The range of additional options to protect you and your family are wide. Many smart locks allow for remote locking, locking if you have forgotten to do it on your way out as well as a range of other options such as triggering other devices.

Modern smart locks are designed to work with your smart home devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Your home smart device and your personal needs will determine the brand of smart lock you might choose.

The August Wifi Smart Lock is considered one of the best, and easy to use, smart locks. Because the August Lock has a wifi connection built into it, you won’t need a bridge like older models of smart lock. It also allows you to keep your existing lock and keys. This smart lock operates through all the major remote devices using voice activation software such as as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

Popular Smart Door Locks –

Yale Nest X :


smart door locks - yale nest

The Yale Nest X lock uses a keypad so the traditional lock and key style of lock is not required here. A minor con for the Yale lock is that it requires 4 x AA batteries. While they can last about a year or so, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself locked out due to flat batteries. We recommend changing or testing batteries well before their use by date.

A major bonus of the Nest X is its auto lock feature. If you, or the kids, forget to lock the door on the way out, your lock will still activate after a certain amount of time. With its voice powered activation, you can easily check the lock, even when you’re not at home.

If you run your smart home with Google Assistant, the Yale Nest X is a popular choice. It is not considered the most feature rich of all the available smart door locks, but it does the trick for most home locking needs.

Schlage Encode:

Schlage is a company with a solid reputation for their devices. The Encode is considered a refined and sleek lock and it works well with a wide range of smart devices and voice assistants. It pairs well with Alexa and Schlage have their own Home app that makes use easy.

Schlage Encode vs Schlage Sensor Bluetooth Deadbolt: the Sense is more affordable than the Encode but it is considered to be a lot harder to set up and requires a separate Schlage lock wifi adapter to allow any connection with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you are going to use voice activation to unlock your smart door locks, be sure to use a pin code as well for the best security. Only ever give access codes to those you trust and be sure to change codes regularly, especially if you know that others may have them.

Lockly Vision:

The Lockly Vision is considered an excellent choice for those who have people staying through AirBnB, renters and regular guests. This is because you can generate short term codes that guests can put into the screen when they arrive. This code can be timed to refuse entry after a certain time period. Once that guest has left, you can generate new codes for the next guests and the old codes become unusable.

Even better for your security, the Lockly Vision app tracks when and how a person enters the premises. It also comes with a video camera that provides an even greater level of security and means you won’t need a separate video doorbell.

Yale Assure + August:

yale assure

Yale is a name synonymous with locks and security. Therefore it’s no surprise that they would be at the forefront of smart lock technology. The Yale Assure SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt not only works well but it looks great and has a range of finishes.

Their newest version includes the August smarts and a Connected by August Kit. This includes door sensors and wifi.

Depending on the type of lock and your reasons for needing it, this will determine your choice of smart lock. If you’re still not sure which lock is the best for your situation, give Danny from Key Solution Locksmiths a call on 9344 9628 and he’ll help you out. Get an estimate for the cost to change over to this type of smart lock that provides more security and features for your home or office.


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