Best Reasons to Hire a Master Locksmith + Infographic


5 Tips for Why You Should Choose a Master Locksmith

Master locksmiths are highly skilled, trade certified professionals. If they don’t display the Master Locksmiths logo with their license number, then you may not be getting an expert. Don’t play around with your security, book a licensed and qualified trades person like Key Solution Locksmiths for a Master Locksmith today. You can view Key Solution Locksmiths’ license here.

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1. Locked Yourself Out of Home, Office or Car?

Don’t panic. Call a licensed, mobile locksmith (like Key Solution Locksmiths).

Have you ever arrived home and searched through your bag listening for the jingle of your keys only to find they’re NOT THERE! You tip your bag out and turn out your pockets but your keys are nowhere to be found. You make a few calls asking work, friends, the Uber driver and shop owner if you left your keys with them. Sadly, it’s fairly common for them all to say “No!” 🙁

Finally you accept the truth, you are LOCKED OUT!

What Should You Do When You Discover You’re Locked Out of Home?

First, breathe deeply and remember this can happen to anyone (and does, every minute of every day). If you have a mobile phone, then you’re in luck. If your mobile has data, then you’re very lucky in terms of finding a fast solution. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a phone, ask a neighbour, friend or passerby to help you search Google for a “locksmith near me”. It’s rare you won’t find someone nearby who won’t help with loaning their mobile phone when someone is stuck like this.

Open the phone and search good ol’ Google for “Maroubra locksmith” (or whatever your suburb or location is plus “locksmith”). The top listings are usually ads, followed by the map listings that are the local, Google My Business, listings and then there are the organic (website) listings. Always pick a business that is fully licensed and insured.

2. Lost, Stolen or Broken Keys: it happens to the best of us.

Keys get damaged, lost or broken. We can help get you back in.

Ok, so you had a cheap key cut or your landlord gave you a bunch of those light aluminium keys that easily break. You push it into the lock and turn it a little bit hard and then, bang! The key breaks off in the barrel and you’re left holding the end.

Now, you not only have a broken key but even if you have a spare, you can’t use it because you’ve blocked up the barrel. What do you do next??? Before really panicking, see if you can fit a knife or something into the key hole and try turning the lock. If the head of the key is in place, it could open the door for you still. But this also makes it very unsafe so, although you might have gained access this time, you still need to get it fixed. The broken key head needs to be removed and a new key cut.

Call your local locksmith and they’ll fix your barrel or replace it if needed. They’ll also provide you with quality keys that will last longer than the cheap quality keys.

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3. Recently Moved Home or Office & Need to Change Locks and Keys?

If you’re moving into a new home or office, it’s worth getting the locks changed.

You never know how many keys a flatmate or staff member may have had cut. Even if that person left on good terms, you should still change the locks.

This way, if something does happen, you won’t question your ex flat mate or staff member. You’ll feel safer and will know you are the only one who has a key to your place.

Make sure you hire a locksmith you can trust. If they are a licensed, master locksmith they’ll have the Master Locksmith Association’s seal of approval that they are a professional, qualified and licensed trades man.

4. Forgotten Combinations?

Need to reset and recode your electronic keypads and keyless door locks? ??electronic access

We are so used to everything being stored in our mobile phones these days that it’s easy to forget number combinations. This is especially true if you’ve recently changed the electronic keypad combination or if you have just installed a new system.

A professional locksmith can reset and recode your keypads to keep you safe and sound.

5. Damaged Locks?

You don’t want to leave your locks broken for long. Luckily, you can call a mobile, 24 hour locksmith when you need a fast fix.

Locks, like everything else, break or wear out. If you live in a coastal region like the Eastern Suburbs beaches area, salt air and rust can also have an effect. Most of us don’t even think about it until a key breaks off in the lock or your key gets bent and you just can’t get back in. Now it’s time to call a local locksmith. In the Eastern Suburbs and beaches region, a Maroubra locksmith like Key Solution Locksmiths understands the local weather conditions and will make sure you are fitted with the best locks and keys for your location.

When searching for a “local locksmith near me”, make sure you find a licensed and insured trades person with qualifications and experience in the locksmith industry.

A master locksmith ensures your safety is paramount. You won’t be worried that someone else has your keys. Master Locksmiths are insured and licensed for your security. Danny Frawley of Key Solution Locksmiths is a licensed Master Locksmith with over 25 years’ experience.

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